Providing Personalized Accounting Services

Services Offered



Life is better when you are on top of your money situation. We all struggle with money management; worrying about paying bills, taxes, credit ratings, identity theft and fraud.  We live in complicated and demanding financial times.  

A solid financial plan and a financial partner by your side will allow you to spend less time on your finances, while giving you control and confidence over your financial world.

Small Business Accounting

Acting as your trusted accountant and advisor, Burke's Bookkeeping will setup and maintain financial records in QuickBooks, prepare and record all necessary journal entries so that your financial records are always accurate, complete and relevant.  Depending on what you need, services may include:  

  • Creating and recording customer invoices 
  • Tracking, recording and depositing customer payments
  • Tracking, recording and paying bills 
  • Processing, recording and reconciling payroll transactions 
  • Balancing and reconciling bank accounts and credit card statements 
  • Negotiating and managing debt obligations 

But the services don't end there.  We will prepare financial statements, forecasts and other analysis in order to capture your story and help you shape your company's future.  

  • Preparing standard financial statements
  • Preparing cash flow forecasting reports, reflecting sources and uses of cash 
  • Preparing annual budgets and supporting schedules
  • Organizing and preparing tax documents, including preparing supporting schedules and analysis 
  • Negotiating with creditors 
  • Providing referrals to, and working with, legal, tax, investment and estate planning professionals

Personal Accounting

Burke's Bookkeeping provides personalized bookkeeping services.  We will work with you to create an individual plan that suits your needs and interests.  Using Quicken to record and track your transactions, we will provide any and/or all of the following services:  

  • Timely and accurately paying bills
  • Balancing and reconciling bank accounts and credit card statements
  • Identifying and responding to possible fraudulent or incorrect charges 
  • Preparing and delivering bank deposits 
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Preparing budgets and budget-to-actual reports 
  • Preparing cash forecasts and updating them monthly, to determine cash needs or saving opportunities 

And when the need for additional support arises, we can assist you through those processes and events by:  

  • Providing referrals to and working with legal, tax, investment and estate planning professionals
  • Organizing and preparing tax documents and supporting schedules and analysis
  • Preparing tax returns 

Bringing Order to Chaos

Whether you own a small business, or you simply want to gain control over your personal finances we are here to help.  

We enjoy bringing financial order to all that transactional chaos.  Financial statements bring it all together to tell a story. Let's work together to find your story. 

When you partner with Burke's Bookkeeping, you have a committed Daily Money Manager and CPA helping you make better decisions.  We will take care of the financial details; allowing you to define your future and reach your goals! 


Since our services are individually customized to fit your needs and interests, fees are determined during our initial consultation.  

Please contact us today for your free consultation and estimate.