Providing Personalized Accounting Services

More Free Time

I am pleased to recommend Burke’s Bookkeeping with Donna Burke as the lead CPA. Donna took the time to sit with me to get a detailed financial history, helped me sort through my savings and investment accounts, and worked with me to clarify what my long and short term money goals are. She is intuitive, actively listens, and can help you decide which way to go without imposing her opinions. Her wealth of financial expertise and experience is easily seen in her interactions and advice.

I now enjoy my free time without the headaches of daily financial management and can easily reach out to Donna for a status update or when I have questions. I look forward to her management of my business and personal accounts for years to come.  

- Kathleen

Registered Dietitian 

It’s All Financial Greek to Me

Balance Sheets, Income Statements, P&L, Cash Flow, Chart of Accounts… What’s an Asset? What’s an Expense? And why are they both considered Debits? What's a Debit?

Donna helped me understand basic finance terms and concepts so that I could understand what was important for the success of my business.   

I highly recommend Donna. She can help you set up and maintain your books and records.  She will also help you define and create processes that are simple to follow and become  healthy financial habits.  

- Nelly

Owner, Nelly's Bridal

Great Communicator

I have known Donna for over 15 years and have worked with her at several fast paced and dynamic companies, in various challenging positions.  

Over the years, I have learned a lot from Donna and through all the deadlines and challenges, she has always maintained a sense of calm and brought a smile to the team.  She understands the importance of respect and good communication, and her communication style is open and honest.  

Donna is hardworking, dedicated and highly ethical.  I would recommend her for any project or engagement. 

- Nadine

Corporate Controller